About me

I'm a PhD student in Philosophy at NYU. I'm also one of the organizers of the New York Philosophy of Language Workshop, and the editor of PhilPapers' category on speech reports. I specialize in philosophy of language, and I'm interested in the points where it intersects with philosophy of mind, semantics, and developmental psychology. I'm also a big fan of Thomas Reid.

My dissertation argues for the thesis I call semantic variance and explores its consequences for communication, attitude ascriptions, and linguistic competence. If you are intrigued, email me at: maz275@nyu.edu

I don't have a middle name. My first name is pronounced mar-TEEN, and my surname is a complex of my father's (pronounced uh-BREH-oo) and my mother's (pronounced zah-vah-LEH-tah) surnames.

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Blindit, a blinding script

I used to ask my students to blind their papers by naming their file with just their university ID numbers. Unfortunately, at some point I started to accidentally memorize the ID numbers, which defeated the point of blinding the papers in the first place. That's when I wrote blindit.

Blindit is a bash script. It takes all the files in a given folder and renames them with arbitrary numbers. Once the grading is done, you can run blindIt again to assign each file its original name. You can download blindIt here and consult the instructions for usage and installation here.

For the time being, blindit runs only on Linux and Mac, but I suspect it can be run on Windows using this. If you're using OS X El Capitan or newer, you may have problems with the installation script. I'll fix those problems if there is interest.

A cat

I don't own the rights for this photo, so let me know if you know whom I should credit.

A cat